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You’ll discover how quick and smooth the process can be  with an experienced technical team on your side.

It is important that you use your energy to create unique designs and work on sales and marketing. Let us transform your ideas into a beautiful garments that sell. We can provide technical support including patternmaking, sample making, fitting, grading, production markers and specifications, a complete package of information to take to your manufacturer for smooth easy production.

We are a team of industry professionals here to help build your brand and make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is how you will benefit:

You will save time – Traditionally each of these professionals worked in separate businesses leaving you to do all the work. We can help you gain up to 75% of this time back by taking responsibility for your design development and problem solve for you in house so you see the best possible result.  From design development through to finished product, we have it covered.

Complete service– Even the most experienced industry professionals will be surprised to know how much there is to do in a fashion label. With all services in one place we can assist you in many ways and suggest the best possible process for your business. From pattern making, sample making, grading and specifications, we can highlight any areas you may not have thought of for onshore or offshore manufacturing. For example, do you have the right measurement chart on your website? Let us help you with the little details to make your business a success.

Less mistakes- It is only human nature that things are overlooked. With a large team of technicians we check and double check all work within our team. From pattern construction, sample communication, grading, markers and specification, we are able to pick up anything that may cause problems later in production and find the best solution for each design decision.

You can relax – we are YOUR team here to support you. Our aim for anyone we meet is that their business succeeds and they return for many seasons to come. You will be assigned your own pattern maker for consistency of design and knowledge so you can feel confident that someone else shares in your knowledge.

Industry knowledge and knowhow– You can not know everything, nor should you. There are many hats to wear in a business. Sometimes an outsiders view can see things in a different way. We are here to be the sounding board for your ideas so you can play to your strengths for the best result.


Here are some of the services that Sample Room

offers to help you with your designs.